Lotties Cavapoos going home folder includes


1 – DNA CLEAR copies of mum/cavalier – dry eye/curly coat and episoding falling syndrome which is through parentage KC i.e Lily and Susie’s mum and dad.
2 – DNA CLEAR copy of Lenny the red toy poodle which is PRCD not PRA. He is also KC registered.  All of Lenny’s DNA tests are listed on Lenny’s own page.
PRA is only and annual/yrly test done not for life DNA which is PRCD that’s what you’re looking for.
3 – coefficient scoring copies of lily and susie’s  parents plus Lenny’s the toy poodle too. This is where at KC you can see if your interbreeding at all so the score should be lower than the score they give you and this in turn will all help in eliminating health issues so if a breeder has done their homework prior to adding new breeding stock then you know they are good.
4 – Petplan insurance 4 weeks free and I strongly advise that you carry on a policy for your puppy whether it be petplan or another company.
5 – vaccination card and health certificate by my vet and as I always say check signatures on both the card and certificate match and dates. Fake documents can happen always be vigilant.
I do write the last date I wormed and frontlined your puppy so the vet can see what I’ve been doing and he in turn can advise you when to give next courses.
6 – microchip documentation and its law for a puppy to be micro chipped.
7 – Lotties Cavapoo contract of sale – copy for you and me. This is for security for us both as I state that you have received all paperwork on collection of puppy and that I will support you as a family for the rest of the dogs entire life I will always be here to help as I brought the puppy into this world so my responsibility to support it.
8 – I do a couple of sheets stating all what I have been doing i.e worming, feeding, microchip, vaccination/health certificate, crate training and socialisation sessions.
9 – eye specialist report which is done before my girls are due in season.
10 – written receipt for final balance of payment – carbon copied.
11 – lastly a going home bag of puppy essentials which include food, toys, training treats for puppies 8 wks and over please read packets before buying as some state otherwise, homemade knitted blanket by me, housetraining mats and to be used under strict supervision as puppies eat anything they are not supposed to. The toys I strictly use is KONG make due to the robust nature and my girls generally chew their bones.
For each litter I do a personalised exquisite piece for each family and there furbaby a special keepsake.