A checklist when looking for a breeder.

1 – make sure you look all through a website if they offer one and it should be knowledgeable of everything they do as this shows they are good at what they do and care a great deal about potential new owners for their puppies.  DNA testing of mum and dad should be on there too.
2  – avoid paying to go on a waiting list as you may find a puppy beforehand and this in turn gives that breeder a nice bit of money as some are charging as much as £250 and it’s a profit making scheme and as you know I will never offer this as so against it. Just think of all the people they take money from and then you find a puppy sooner and lose your money and you have lined their pockets nicely.
3 – I personally feel that a breeder that breeds 3 girls max is ok anymore and this becomes to much within a family environment so do check how many dogs they breed and have.
4 – a breeder should offer all DNA paperwork for mum and dad make sure you see this before placing a deposit for a puppy.  Also check they will be giving you   4 weeks free insurance, vaccination card and health certificate, puppy food, receipts for any money you have given to breeder, contracts of sale with aftercare support.
5 – looking for a puppy can be a stressful and confusing time as your vulnerable to not having much knowledge on the process that a breeder offers but you have to be one step ahead nowadays and before contacting any breeder make lists and learn as much as you can on what’s right and wrong when choosing a breeder as I am not going to have cavapoos for everyone and that’s why I’ve written this website to offer help and support.