This book is just jam packed with amazing info on cavapoos and looking for the right breeder. I am the only UK breeder in this book and very proud to be apart of it as i’m so passionate about educating the public to make the right decisions when looking for a cavapoo and this book will do just that so click on the link and purchase this book it’s a must have before deciding on a cavapoo.
Also families will receive a copy with their puppy package when they have a cavapoo from me but i do advise you read this prior to having a puppy from me but it just means your have a spare new one.
This book is just amazing as it’s packed with all aspects of the breed from birth to senior. I feel very privileged to be apart of such a wonderful book. Also families will receive a copy of the book with their puppy package when they have a cavapoo from me.
I’m so excited to announce that I have been asked to be apart of a cavapoo colouring book and here it is and Rosella as a puppy is in it sitting on a tall camel bless her! Proud mummy moment x
Feel free to purchase the colouring book as it is a fantastic pressie to give and order one yourself of course plus I will be including one of these with each puppy that goes to a new home like I do with the cavapoo book x
Enjoy colouring this book and do post any pics of Rosella that u have coloured, I would love to see them!
Im now pleased to announce that i have been liasing with the author himself Graeme Hall who also follows me on instagram, and families will receive this book when they come to view puppies at 4 weeks. Please feel free to order via the link as a very very good book with lots of humour.