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Welcome to Lotties Cavapoos everyone!

My name is Charlotte and I have a lovely husband and 3 older children, 2 gentle cats  plus 3 beautiful cavaliers Pairs, Lottie, Isla and then Maya our Bichon Frise and Clara our Cavapoo who is the daughter of Paris. I started breeding cavapoos back in 2012 as I had lost 2 babies of my own and I’m lucky to be here too as complications had occurred. When I recovered on my last loss I realised I could not have any ‘more children and what a  blow it was and i hit rock bottom and i still had that strong nurturing feeling,  so I looked into breeding my 2 cavalier girls I had currently as pets and never ever thought of breeding until my friend had a litter and visited them just to have cuddles and something inside me felt pure bonding love and I wanted try a litter myself and never looked back as the puppies are precious and vulnerable and that’s where my love comes in to nurture them with mummy of course.  It would break my heart if I ever had to give up breeding.
We all live in a 4 bed detached house with a lovely enclosed garden in a quiet cul d sac and in close proximity to our local riverside park and walks. Our house has been undergoing work as we bought it in 2016 with a view to turning it into our long term home and it’s still on going but the bulk of it is completed so do bare with us when you visit in case we are in the middle of another small project. My house is an open one with families and are very welcome to see the whole house as we do not, and will not have kennels at our house as our girls plus their puppies are very much a part of our family unit. Our puppies are born and raised in our open plan dining room which is the heart of the house so never shut away in a room on their own.
With years of knowledge behind me now and the high standards I have i am able to class myself as a trusted breeder and my website is to give everyone the correct things you should be ticking off your list when looking for that specific genuine breeder.
Myself and my husband are both Canine First Aid trained which in my opinion every breeder should be.
My husband works full time and I am at home dedicating my full attention to my girls when they have a litter as round the clock care is needed to ensure they enter the world safely and nurtured until they leave me to go first class families and my future support is there should anyone need me.

Guide of Do’s and Don’ts when searching for a reputable breeder!    Raising Awareness is key nowadays.


Always visit a breeder and the puppies plus ask to see mum and watch her spend time bonding and fussing over her babies and feeding off her too.
Always ask to view any documents including DNA and do not leave a deposit without seeing this.
Always make sure your puppy is microchipped before collection as now the law.
If a breeder offers a contract that is a bonus as protection for both of you and always read it carefully don’t just sign it without reading it.
On collection of a puppy always check it is not showing signs of ill health and to see it running around to check for any problems with legs as you may of not seen your puppy since you placed a deposit weeks ago, check skin, eyes, coat, ears and gums as if pale they maybe an underlying problem such a anemia.
Always make sure your puppy will have been to a vet for its first vaccination and a signed health certificate by the same vets signature as the vaccination card. Lepto 4 vaccine not lepto 2.
If a puppy is bred and raised in a family environment then they become accustomed to normal family life to which you will have a more relaxed chilled and easy to train puppy.
A good breeder will always ask you personal questions and have high expectations when placing a puppy of there’s in a family home.
A breeder offering 4 wks free pet insurance is a must.
When you collect your puppy make sure the breeder gives you the correct documents and do not accept ever that the breeder will send them on in the post chances are you will never receive them.
Finally if something doesn’t feel right or add up just walk away or contact me and i will help on your behalf as i have helped many people who have fell into bad situations and my service is free as i do it out of love not for money.
Please read my puppy guide on this website on how i do things here at Lotties Cavapoos when having one of my furbabies.

As you can see my license number is at the foot of this page and every breeder who is licensed is required to do the same. Its displayed so you can contact the local council to check for any reports that the breeder has had in the past and why. I have had NO reports.

Plus you can check if the breeder is correctly licensed and NOT using a false license number. If a number is not displayed anywhere then ask for it and do your checks before going any further. Any breeder who has got nothing to hide then will gladly give it to you.


Do not arrange facetime as a way of viewing the puppies then immediately giving a deposit to the breeder always visit the establishment/house first no matter how far away u live.
Do not except any documents sent to you by a breeder you have to see them in person and check all is as it should be and do not send a deposit based on documents mailed to you.
Do not accept a place to meet any breeder u must meet at their establishment or home where puppies are based.
Remember i’m on Instagram under @Lotties_blend_organic to follow up to date info and Pampered Pooch Collection and also at

Based in Southampton