I introduce crate training when the puppies reach  5 weeks old and the crate is a very small one which I place in the pen and the door is always left open so they can roam freely and explore the crate without any pressure. I place a small blanket covering ¾ of the crate enabling sufficient air flow throughout. I do this as it gives them a sense of security and their own space and this works when carried on by new families as it’s a routine I have set out and to be used until your puppy has grown out of this routine.

Food for thought!

I’m currently an ambassador for Butternut Box and I tried lily and Susie on a 2 week supply of food and they got bored after a while and that was giving them different flavours too but not every dog is going to be the same. It’s cooked real food with no nasties and I hoped my girls would settle on it but no as they are exceptionally fussy eaters.
Their website is  and if you wanted to try a 2 week supply with 75% off your first order and see if your furbaby would love it as my 2 girls get bored to easily on any food I give them as I have to vary their diet so much because of them being fussy.
Going onto the feeding programme I currently do for the puppies which is started at 4 weeks and known as the weaning stage. I choose a very high quality puppy food that puppies can have at 4 weeks and I introduce it as a sloppy consistency by soaking a set amount with boiled kettle water and within 10 mins it has absorbed the water and leave to cool down then serve. By the time your puppy is 8 weeks he/she will be eating solid small kibble as they only have tiny mouths and will prevent choking.
I also introduce fresh cooked chicken, scrambled egg and plain white rice they seem to love this varied diet and textures along with different tastes which in turn helps them not to become fussy eaters from an early age. You will receive a bag of food with your puppy package.

Socialisation Sessions

This first happens when puppies can see, hear, smell and walk as their senses come together to enable them to engage social skills starting from 10 days to 3 weeks old when becoming mobile on their feet. This is when I start introducing humans so they can start get feel of love and security within our family unit here at lotties cavapoos  so when viewings at 4 weeks start they would already have been socialising on a small scale so all is done in gentle stages otherwise to much overload can in turn cause aniexty.
I then introduce families every week to visit their chosen puppy for 4 socialisation sessions which enables bonding too. This is a must so do consider this when contacting me. These sessions are done for lots of vital reasons and here are some – bonding, puppy knows your smell, voice, appearance and play. Everyone is able to exchange questions or worries and never be afraid to make a list for me when you visit. Visiting sessions are for 1 hr as this is sufficient for puppies at this age as they need to have time out after an hr.
I like you to bring any blankets from home so they know your smell too and they stay with me until collection day as it will have lots of familiar smells here at ours.