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  • We bought our puppy Izzie from Charlotte in the summer. She is a delight – a really friendly, healthy, beautiful dog! As she was due to come to us just at the start of the summer holiday period, and we already had a holiday away booked a few weeks later, Charlotte helped out by looking after her for us while we were away. A really good breeder to buy from.

  • It is evident from first speaking to Charlotte that she cares about her dogs. The breeding environment is caring & homely, this was important to us. Charlotte was extremely helpful throughout the whole process, she covers all the bases if you are new to puppy ownership. We couldn’t be happier with our puppy Max.

  • After deciding it was time for a four legged addition to our family we started researching breeds and breeders and thats when we came across Charlotte. After our initial phone call I came away exited to have found someone who seemed so passionate about what she did. When we came to visit the litter of pups we knew we had made a great dession. Charlotte didn’t rush us, we were introduced to both parents and taken through all medicals tests from both mum and dad. We fell in love with what is now our “buddy” and after committing to him, Charlotte let me and my family come and visit each week and also gave me regular email/text updates until Buddy was ready to come home.
    Amazing breeder who clearly loves the pups she breeds.x

  • We welcomed Teddy into our family almost a month ago. He has been fantastic so far, really calm (for a puppy!), friendly with our 4 young children, and we are delighted with him!
    Charlotte was really helpful with lots of information we needed, and didn’t hassle us to make a decision!!
    It is obviously a safe and caring environment that her puppies are being bred in, and we would be very happy to recommend anyone looking to go for it…

  • Bonnie was the only girl from Rosie’s and Rupert’s latest litter and she is a perfect puppy – playful, loving, friendly and extremly cute. Thanks to Charlotte who contacted us, when Bonnie became available, she is now part of our family.
    Charlotte has been extremly helpful throughout the whole process from when we met Bonnie until we picked her up at 8,5 weeks. She let us see Bonnie twice a week, as we were living close by and made the separation from the litter painless for us… Puppy was already well socialize when we got her, coming from Charlotte’s busy house she is now brilliant with children, other dogs and cats. Thank you very much Charlotte!

  • We bought Mowgli from Charlotte in February 2012, from Lottie’s first litter. Charlotte adores her dogs and gets very attached to the puppies too. Her advice was valuable and comprehensive which was useful as although we already had a dog we’d never had a small breed before. It was reassuring to know that all the health checks were done. We were also happy to hear that Cavapoos are robust and confident – and not yappy!

    The busy and loving environment they are bred in means that Charlotte’s puppies are socialised very early; they affectionate and calm, unfazed by children, strange dogs of all shapes and sizes, or new people. Mowgli is cheeky yet laid back, fun, energetic and very loving. He is totally devoted to us and to our older dog and loves to run for miles in the woods with us.

    Thank you, Charlotte, for making the whole puppy buying experience so positive and giving us our lovely boy.

  • We bought Nala from Charlotte last April from her first litter. I did hours of research when looking for a pup as a really wanted one from a home breeder so that the pup was well socialised and born in a house. Nala has just turned a year old. She is the most adorable dog, very well behaved, she’s been quick to learn – even learning some tricks. Charlotte was great. She clearly loves her dogs and becomes very attached to her pups. She let us visit on a number of occasions before Nala was ready to come home. I am so glad we got our dog from Charlotte. Thanks

  • Charlotte looks after her puppies and dogs o well! we bought Jess from charlotte back in april. My mum had been searching and searching for a long time, then we found charlotte and she seemed like the perfect breeder! she looked after the dogs so well. most of her injections had been taken care of and clearly is very attched to her dogs as it was hard for her to let go but she let us pop round as much as we felt needed to get to know the environment jess had been living in and to be honest our last visit she was ready to come back with us. Jess nearly knew her name by the time we took her home! so i STRONGLY advise you to look into getting a Cavapoo as they are fantastic and if you want a trustworthy breeder charlotte is definitely the perfect breeder if your looking for a perfect puppy !!! Thankyou (sorry about how long!)

  • Charlotte is an amazing lady who loves her fur kids so much. We feel extremely lucky to have given one of her puppies her forever home. We welcomed Molly home nearly 3 weeks ago and she settled in instantly. We have 5 children and another cavapoo called Chester who is 11 months old. Molly was so well socialised her settling in period was seamless, she slept through the night from the day she came into our home. Noise and the hustle and bustle of our family home did not faze her at all, in fact I think she thrives on it. She adores her companion Chester, who after a few days accepted her and adores her equally. If your chosen to welcome a cavapoo from Charlotte you will be giving a home to not only a beautiful pet but you will also inherit a life long friend, Charlotte.

  • I have nothing to say other than praise for Charlotte as a Breeder. We welcomed Milly (one of Annie’s litter from June 2013)into our home a week ago. She has settled virtually immediately and is the calmest, sweetest little thing…Charlotte has done an amazing job starting her off on such a steady footing. I thoroughly recommend her as a Breeder, and she is always on hand after you take one her pups home, just in case you need reassurance which is great too!

  • We were delighted to welcome Dennis and Stan to our family (two puppies from Annie’s litter born June 2013) just under a fortnight ago. They are happy and healthy pups and have settled into our family really well. We would not have any hesitation in recommending Charlotte as a breeder as it is obvious when you speak to her on the phone and meet her face to face that the welfare and happiness of her furkids are her top priority. We were welcomed into the family home and treated as friends, not only by Charlotte but by the rest of her family also. Charlotte is happy to answer any questions that you may have both before and after giving one (or two in our case!) of her puppies a forever home.

  • We have had Bella for two weeks now from Annies litter, she is a happy and healthy puppy and settled in very well to our household, we are first time dog owners so needed a lot of guidance from Charlotte which she gave to us from the start, I would thoroughly recommend her as a breeder, a lovely and caring person and always there to guide you through the early days.

  • We have had Maisy for two weeks now (she is from Annie’s June litter). She is a delightful dog who has clearly been given a wonderful start in life by charlotte as her breeder. It is obvious Charlotte cares deeply about her puppies and has a strong sense of responsibility to her role as a breeder. Maisy has been well socialised living in Charlotte’s household and is clearly used to family life. Physically she is in great condition, (we had her double checked by our vet when we collected her) and that’s all due to Charlotte’s attention in those very early days.
    We have never had a dog before and Charlotte has been very helpful with our questions and always available if needed.
    Charlotte is a fantastic breeder and I would not hesitate in recommending her to others.

  • We have the most adorable puppy called Remy from Annies puppies June 2013. I was very lucky to come across Charlotte last year and was fortunate to be added to Annies waiting list! I could have looked around for other breeders but from my first conversation with Charlotte i knew she was the perfect breeder for us. We have a 15 year old son with Autism who was not keen on us getting a puppy but from when we first went to see the puppies Charlotte was amazing with him. She really encouraged him to get involved and he keeps in contact with Charlotte, updating her how Remy is doing. Everywhere we go,everybody loves Remy and they want her!! She is so confident and friendly. I give Charlottes website out on a daily basis!! A great big thank you to Charlotte and her lovely family for our beautiful Remy xxxx

  • We bought Freddie from Charlotte in February 2102, her first litter. He is the most adorable dog, super temperament, he is very sociable and loves mixing with other dogs. He loves his cuddles! Wherever we are he is, he has fitted into our family so well. Charlotte was brilliant allowing us to visit him frequently before collecting him. We love him to bits xxx

  • Thank you Charlotte for breeding such a wonderful, happy, healthy, playful, intelligent, cuddly (could say so much more) Bichonpoo. We are totally smitten with our Rosie, she has a lovely temperament and is one of clever Poppy and George’s litter. Having done quite a lot of research we were very pleased to find Charlotte’s informative website and following a telephone conversation with her she lived up to our first impression and could not have been more helpful without any pressure. She and her lovely family of kids and fur kids then welcomed us into their home to meet and chat further, again with no pressure. We met all the family in a happy, homely environment and puppies and dogs were clearly loved and well socialised. Charlotte is very open and full of helpful advice and guidance especially for novice dog owners like ourselves. The reassurance of her being available for contact 24/7 following puppy coming home has given us the confidence that we are doing right by Rosie and she is a bright little bundle of fun thriving happily in our home. We certainly recommend Charlotte and her puppies. Thank you for our Rosie. xx

  • We have become the proud owners of a little girl bichonpoo puppy from Poppy and George’s litter and can highly recommend Charlotte as the most wonderful breeder. The whole process was made so easy right from choosing a puppy through to the support she is still giving now that Winnie is living with us. We are absolutely delighted with our gorgeous puppy and feel that Charlotte and her lovely family have become friends. They regularly invited us to visit Winnie so that a strong relationship developed between us and our new puppy. This has made the whole process of bringing her home so easy because she knew us and we knew her. She is a well socialised, healthy, loving and intelligent puppy and I have no doubt at all that this is because of the fantastic care and attention that Charlotte has given to her and all of the furkids she produces. We are so pleased we found you, Charlotte!! xxx

  • We purchased a biconpoo puppie called Archie in January. He is our first dog and we were very nervous. Charlotte was amazing and always available if we had any queries. Archie fitted into our family immediately he was and is so social. A real little star. Buying a pup from a family environment really makes a difference as they are so friendly. Thanks Charlotte

  • We purchased a biconpoo puppie called Archie in January. He is our first dog and we were very nervous. Charlotte was amazing and always available if we had any queries. Archie fitted into our family immediately he was and is so social. A real little star. Buying a pup from a family environment really makes a difference as they are so friendly. Thanks Charlotte

  • We first welcome Buddy into our family in October 2012, one from charlottes cavapoo litter. We were so please that put our name down on her waiting list for another when we decided to have another fur kid. Holly came to us on 1st April. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for a pup!

  • After loosing our beloved Cavalier last year we researched and decided on a Cavapoo as our next furbaby. We happily came across Charlotte’s site and from reading her guide and previous customer comments knew we had found our perfect breeder. From speaking to Charlotte and meeting her, her family and Furkids her passion and care as a breeder was clear. We welcomed Dexter home on 1st April having already had plenty of time bonding with him thanks to Charlotte encouraging us to visit numerous times from 4 weeks old. I now would not go to any other breeder and would strongly recommend Charlotte to anyone. Thanks to his fantastic start in Charlotte’s home he is well socialised and a very happy boy. Thank you Charlotte for our handsome little Prince xx

  • On recommendation from a dog walker we found Charlotte. As soon as i rang to enquire i knew that we were purchasing from a breeder that knows her stuff. I have had the ‘wool pulled over my eyes’ by a breeder in the past and sold me a puppy that was very poorly and definately the wrong breed but anyhow – Charlotte is great, we got Hugo (bichon-poo) who is such a lovely boy – so healthy and confident, he has fitted in so well with all the family. I would have absolutely no doubts going back to Charlotte as i know how much love and care goes into the pups! I would definately recommend Charlotte.

  • After deciding to buy a puppy my friend recommended Charlottes website. Charlotte is a very kind and caring lady and was very thorough with her questions in order to give Mollie the best home. We came away feeling very confident after all of the information we were given. It has been so reassuring to know that Charlotte is at the end of the phone and she has offered much welcome advice. If anyone wants to buy a puppy I would definitely recommend Charlotte. She is very sincere and had much love for what she does.

  • Nov 26th 2015 20.03

    We have had our bichonpoo Lola for a week now, she has been very good at night and settled very quickly in her crate. She is a half sister to Millie who is 17 months old who is a lovely friendly dog which is why I have gone back to Charlotte as she is an excellent breeder bringing the pups up in a lovely family environment with lots of love and care. Really glad I have decided to have Lola as Millie and her are making friends and will be really good company as they get older.I would never have gone to any one else as these puppies are so well looked after and Mum Poppy is a happy healthy dog. Thank you Charlotte for both our lovely bichonpoos.xx

  • Nov 26th 2015

    We have now had our bichonpoo Lola for a week and she has settled into her crate at night really well. She is a half sister to Millie who is 17 months old and the two of them are getting on really well, lots of puppy play with Millie which seems to be great fun and will be great company for one another. I decided to go back to Charlotte when I decided to have a friend for Millie as she is an excellent breeder with a great family who loves and cares for all the puppys. Millie is such a lovely dog with a super temperament and I know Lola will take after her.
    Many thanks Charlotte for all the visits to see Lola and advice.xx

  • We have had our bichonpoo for five weeks now. He is a happy, fun loving and healthy puppy. I cannot recommend the breeder highly enough, who has always been very supportive with any problem you may have. Many thanks Charlotte for little Rupert Dewi.

  • We got our Ted from Lottie and we are so glad we did. She is a very careing breeder who really loves her dogs and their puppies. Our little man is so lovely, and we would recommend anyone to go to Lottie for a healthy well adjusted puppy.

  • Charlotte has been fantastic throughout and as we lived locally were able to visit and bond with our little Cookie for a month before bringing him home almost a week ago. Charlotte has been so supportive and helpful I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Thank you for being an amazing breeder, we couldn’t be happier!

  • We picked up Lucy at 8 weeks old and is now 4 months. Charlotte is an amazing breeder and the love and care she gives her puppies shows. Lucy is a beautifully natured dog, well socialised and settled into our family within the day of bringing her home. She is a secure dog and delightful. It’s a testament to the way Charlotte raises her pups. She made plenty of time for us to choose and then let us visit Lucy several times before collection. She is an ethical, caring and excellent breeder raising the pups in the home in a warm family environment. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

  • Poppy was one of 4 beautiful puppy’s from Charlottes 1st F1b litter in Jan 16.
    I was chatting to Charlotte about 8 months before that and she is so polite and professional throughout the whole process.
    When visiting Charlotte, her family, mum and pups Charlotte was very knowledgable and supportive. She opened her home so we could visit anytime we wanted.
    We have now had Poppy just over 2 months and from day one she fitted in – it was like she had been living with us for ages. She is adorable, so well natured and is amazing with our 2 year daughter (which was something I wanted to get right when looking for a breeder and breed). They are the best of friends and when out in the park or at home poppy doesn’t leave her side. Poppy has been super easy to train abd loves to learn – she’s so clever 🙂 . We absolutely love her and we are very lucky to have her in our lives. Thank you for being such an amazing breeder and producing such beautiful pups.

  • From Kath and Max, ourTed is the most amazing little boy, I don’t know how we lived without him. Not only is he amazingly clever, but his nature is so kind and loving, he is the best of the best. We just love him to bits 🐶🐶🐶

  • We really could not have hoped for more in our incredible Cavapoo breeder, Charlotte.

    When we look at Balfour (our 11-week old Cavapoo) now – it is clear how well he was looked after from the moment he was born. He is a calm, sweet-natured and friendly member of our family. He is intelligent and healthy and obviously the product of a loving and caring breeder.

    Charlotte impressed us from the very beginning by the lengths she went to ensure that we would be suitable dog-owners and new parents to one of her puppies. Her eagle-eyed interviewing gave us confidence that she cared deeply about the puppies’ welfare; for the rest of their lives. When we came to visit, we could see Balfour’s mum Rosiella, taking wonderful care of her litter in a clean and safe environment. The puppies were being well socialised with lots of visitors and different sounds – we know that’s why Balfour is so relaxed around new people and experiences now.

    Charlotte also took us through the various veterinary and genetic testing that Balfour’s parents had undergone to check that their litters would be healthy. She explained all the paperwork including how the chipping system works.

    Most importantly, Charlotte has been a huge support to us as first-time dog owners. She is always available for advice and we know she always will!

    Thank you Charlotte xx

  • What a fantastic breeder! Great communication from Charlotte once she had chosen us to be parents of one of her fur baby Cavapoos. Fortunately we lived close enough to visit each weekend prior to picking up our beautiful bundle of fluff; Charlotte & her family helped so much with our young children to meet, start to bond & grow confidence with the puppy.
    Puppy is very happy, loving & well socialised both with people & general household noises.
    Charlotte is very supportive both before with updates right through to shopping lists and after we had brought puppy home & settling in. Couldn’t ask for any better, many thanks.

  • I did a lot of research before choosing a breeder and Charlotte is streets ahead of the others I contacted and visited. All her puppies are very well looked after and dearly loved. We are delighted with Monty who is now 11 weeks old and has made himself very much at home. He was already crate trained and he has slept through without any issue since the day he came to us. Charlotte actively encourages you to go and visit weekly before the pups are ready to come home and this was invaluable – as was her advice and support and patience with our endless questions!!

  • We brought Molly home from Charlotte in July 2019 and we’ve been delighted with what a confident and outgoing puppy she is thanks to Charlotte’s dedicated socialisation of Molly and her siblings. She is now twelve weeks and loves people, is extremely affectionate and clearly very intelligent. We’re loving having her in our family.

  • We recently brought home our gorgeous boy Cavapoo from Charlotte. We did a lot of research and feel we couldn’t have found a better breeder. Charlotte cares so much about her puppies and their parents and only ever has one litter at time which means she dedicates her full attention to mum and puppies. We were able to visit our puppy in Charlotte’s home every week so that we got to know each other and this has been crucial to him settling in so well. Before he came to us, he was already crate trained, able to follow basic commands, travel in a car, wear his harness, have a bath, be well on his way to being toilet trained and was well socialised in a clean, loving home and more. He has a lovely nature and is beautiful and healthy. Importantly, our puppy and its parents came with all the health tests and documentation and from way back before too. There are a lot of breeders out there that have more than one litter at a time, ask for money to go on a list or move up a list, don’t have the health tests and genuine documentation or don’t question who is buying their puppies and we wouldn’t have gone near any of them no matter how much we wanted a Cavapoo. Charlotte has provided us with so much valuable information and is always available should we need to ask her advice on anything. Charlotte works so hard and we couldn’t have been happier with everything she has done. We have a wonderful Cavapoo! Thank you Charlotte.

  • We collected our handsome Cavapoo from Charlotte a month ago and we feel that we could not have made a better choice than to choose Charlotte as the breeder we purchased our puppy from. We spent a long time researching the breed and finding a suitable registered breeder that we were happy to purchase our pup from, Charlotte doesn’t have a waiting list until the pregnancy is confirmed and doesn’t ask for a deposit to be included on this list. Before Charlotte accepted us as one of the lucky families for this litter she spent time finding out about us and our setup to ensure we were the right people for her pups. As Charlotte only has one litter at a time she is able to give 100% to care for and develop the pups ready for them to go to their families. Most importantly Charlotte is always available to answer any questions or queries that you have regarding your puppy and doesn’t just ship them out and forget about them

    We visited our pup every week from 4 weeks old so we were able to bond with him and watch his development personally. We spent time watching his interaction with Charlotte and her family and ourselves as well as his brothers and sister so we knew we were getting a confident little boy that was well adjusted to us from the moment we brought him home.

    Before we collected him he was already crate trained, toilet training had been started, he had a good knowledge of basic commands, was used to travelling in a car, he was also used to being groomed and bathed. Charlotte had also spent time desensitising the litter to lots of different noises which proved to be a godsend as the first night in our home we had thunderstorms and he wasn’t affected at all and slept through the night from the first night.

    Charlotte spent time going through all of the health testing of our boy parents and further back with us and ensured that he had a full health check, was micro chipped and had his 1st vaccinations before he was brought home and gave us all the documentation to take home.

    Shelby truly is a gorgeous confident and loving little boy that asks for nothing but cuddles ( as this is being written he is curled up on my lap asleep) and maybe a liver treat occasionally and would recommend anyone that is looking for a cavapoo to consider buying from Charlotte.

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