Welcome to Lotties Cavapoos Blankets for sale!

Ive been knitting handmade blankets for my puppies since 2014 as the baby wool i use is so soft, tactile and aniexty reducing for puppies as i use them from when the puppies are born right through until they leave for their special forever homes. The blanket is also a part of my program that i wrote – Our Program – as the blanket is a crucial part of a puppy’s development with human scent in mind. Families choose a knitted blanket at the 4 week viewing of puppies and then asked to take it home and rub everyones scent all over it, then bring it back in a named bag at 5 weeks being the first socialisation session with their chosen puppy. Then each puppy will sniff the blanket from their family only – daily until they go home so they are using their scent pheromones which register within their brain remembering familiar scents of humans.

I have been asked from the public do you sell your blankets so with so much interest i decided to do just that. I will list on here what is already made and can be sent out straight away. The price for each blanket is £23.50 including postage and packaging.

Washing and care instructions will be included with the blanket for your reference.

Please email or message me on instagram the blanket you require stating A, B, C, etc and your address, then i will give you my bank details for payment which is required before an order is sent out. If you require any blankets as a gift and want it sent straight to there home address i can, as they do come gift wrapped and i can include any message on a beautiful card just for them.